I have a new girl-crush…

and her name is Sarah Wilson.

Have you heard of Sarah? If so, do you love her just as much as I do? Did you have an ‘ah-ha’ moment just as I did?

For the un-initiated, here’s the low-down:

Sarah is the brains behind I Quit Sugar, you can find out more about this at http://www.sarahwilson.com.au and I encourage you to spend some time on her site, there’s a wealth of information!

I stumbled across this site in early January (I think) and I’m now an avid follower. You know, I can’t even remember exactly how I found Sarah’s site, I think it would’ve been while I was researching (yet again) clean eating and the likes, but in any case, it was a happy find.

After delving through the blog archives, I decided that it all made sense, and that most of all – I could relate! You know, the highs/lows of sugar cravings, the funny-tummy feelings etc. I decided in January to just go ahead and buy the books. I was lucky enough to decide at a time when there was a special bundle deal and I purchased both ‘I Quit Sugar: An 8 Week Program’ and ‘I Quit Sugar Cookbook’. I chose the ebook versions, as I have a bit of a ‘want it now’ mentality (perhaps this is where my sugar addiction comes from?) and I must say they look and read wonderfully on my iPad (the recipe photos have a tendency to make you drool somewhat!).

Note: The print edition has just been released and I’m sure it’s just as gorgeous in hard copy if you prefer the traditional feel of a lovely book in your hands.

I Quit Sugar Book

Now admittedly, I’ve not yet completely committed to the 8 week program (I have motivation issues, but that’s a blog for another day), but I have started implementing some of the concepts that Sarah outlines. I’ve tried to reduce my sugar intake (not just mine, but also for Mr Loud and Little Loud) and adjusted my cooking to suit where I can. This means that I’m not adding refined sugars to recipes, I’ve cut back on my own fruit intake (or swapping for better choices) and trying my hardest not to succumb to cravings.

That being said, I did fall off the wagon last weekend. See how honest I am with you? I devoured my favourite sweet treat of white chocolate covered raspberry bullets! And do you know what; I pretty much ended up with a sugar hang-over. I was ill, physically ill (think hugging the toilet bowl ill!). It was horrid! I had just overindulged – simple as that. I think I’m still paying for it today, coming down from the sugar high so-to-speak. I’ve had a dull headache all day that’s been driving me mad, and I’m still craving sugar.

So why should you care you ask? Well, it’s up to you, but do you really know what the foods you are eating are doing to you? That teaspoon of ‘organic’ raw sugar in your coffee for example. Yes it’s organic, snaps for you, but it’s still refined sugar. Do you even know what coffee tastes like without that sugar? Really? And do you know what it’s doing to your body? Try cutting back and see how your body reacts… better yet join me, and let’s cut sugar out for 8 weeks as Sarah suggests and see how we feel then?

If you are interested in buying the books as I did, you can find them here Click here to view more details

An Out Loud Disclaimer: I’ve not been asked, nor have I been paid to review the I Quit Sugar books. I have however, signed up to the affiliate program. That means, if you click through on the above link and purchase the books, I may receive a commission from I Quit Sugar on the sale to you. Whatever you choose, I really don’t mind!


4 thoughts on “I have a new girl-crush…

  1. Hi! I read Sarah’s original ebook 12 months ago and became hooked! I’m loving her new book and recipes – my husband recently started following I Quit Sugar on January 1st and has lost 13kg! Amazing how much better you feel quitting the white stuff 🙂

    • It’s an eye opener isn’t it?! That’s fantastic that your husband has lost 13kg by just cutting out sugar! I’m determined to start (and stick) to the 8 week program and see exactly what it can do for me. Thanks for stopping by Sheridan! N x

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