i need a motivation Genie

so I thought I was smart enough not to make a NYE resolution regarding my fitness regime, as I figured I’d break it within the first week of January, however I now find myself already looking at the first day of March this week (yes. really. it’s March. on Friday. I’ll give you a moment to go and check the calendar!) and I’m yet to accomplish much of anything!

It’s safe to say that my motivation is indeed lacking, in fact, I’d go so far as to say as its been non-existent!
I’ve been making these promises to myself you see, promises like:

‘I’ll go to the gym 3 times this week’


‘Just go for 20 minutes, and if you still don’t feel like being there you can leave’


‘You want to feel healthier/stronger/fitter/toned so just do it!’

And various other versions of the above.

Sound familiar? Do you have these internal conversations arguments with yourself? It’s definitely a battle isn’t it? It’s all good and well to want to do these things, but when it comes to physically dragging my butt to the gym, I just haven’t felt like it.

I Dream of Genie

We don’t all have a Genie in a bottle to grant our magic wish of ‘make me fit & healthy’, so what do you do when you find you are lacking motivation? How do you get out of your funk? I’ve been trying really hard this week to not make promises with myself and to also not beat myself up over NOT going to the gym. I wanted to just try to go and then if I went, well great, and that’s one more day that I went than the other week. And you know what? I did it. I managed to talk myself into going to the gym this morning.

I set my alarm and actually got up and went. I often set the alarm, groan when it goes off and then hit snooze. Today, I didn’t! Snaps for me! It wasn’t a huge work out, but it was a work out. I’m already feeling my muscles starting to complain, and you know what, it feels GOOD! I’m now hoping that I can use this to spur me on to keep going in the mornings before work. I usually go after work, but find I come up with endless lists of excuses and don’t get there half as often as I hope.

This morning I decided that I had to do it and I had to want to do it for me. Not for anyone else. No one else mattered this morning, Mr Loud and Little Loud had to get themselves ready for the day ahead without me there for most of the morning. They seemed to survive (albeit I was not happy with the mess left behind from breakfast, but I guess I’ll have to try to learn to ignore that and just worry about myself and the cleanliness of the kitchen can come later).

What about you, do you have any tips or tricks for sticking to a fitness regime? Or are you a little like me, and you find yourself feeling guilty about all the other things you should be doing – like the housework, cooking, work commitments, family commitments or even socialising? How do you get past these feelings? Or do you just do as I did this morning and get up earlier to fit it in… and worry about the small stuff (like the crumbs on the kitchen table and bench :)) later?

I hope you get your daily dose of exercise in today, even if it is by way of vacuuming the floor or taking the dog for a walk, and here’s hoping I don’t hit the snooze button tomorrow morning!


Let me know your thoughts

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