snap, crackle, pop!

No, I’m not talking about Rice Bubbles, that’s just the easiest way to describe the sounds my body makes when I move around (as I’m so lovingly informed by Mr Loud).

You see, I have what’s known as Crepitus. Really sounds worse than it is, but it’s just the clinical term for the popping or creaking sound my body makes – particularly after I’ve been relaxing on the couch and decide to get up! Some people find it disturbing to hear, others understand as they have it themselves.

Luckily for me, it’s generally painless as it’s mostly air moving around, that’s except for my knees (that’s cartlidge & arthritis causing me issues). When I first met my orthopaedic surgeon a few years back, he told me I’ve got the knees of someone twice my age (not something you want to hear in your late twenties!). It’s partly genetics (and from being tall, you see, I’m 6’2″ or 188cm), and partly from having played some high impact style sports as I was growing up – netball being the likely culprit.

Anyway, the causes aside, it means I have troubles exercising, especially when I want to work on my butt! I’m not supposed to squat, run, jump, leap over tall buildings or perform any other form of regular activity that most people turn to when working their lower body.

So that leaves me with the problems of what CAN I do? Well, not much to be honest. I still do some of the things I’m not supposed to (I’m a bit of a rebel like that), but I do try to mix it up. I’m forever Googling for inspiration on workouts, and I usually pick & choose to suit my knees.

This is one of my go-to workouts in my hope to one day have a bum like Alessandra Ambrosio, I’m calling it the Butt Kicker:

5-10 min warm-up

20 x wide leg/sumo goblet squats – add in a standing calf raise on the top side of the move for added burn!
20 x donkey kicks (per leg)
20 x lunges per leg holding dumbells for added weight
20 x single led dead lifts using a kettle bell
AMAP* weighted bridges

Repeat 3 times through
* As Many As Possible

5-10 mins of stretching – particularly glutes, hamstrings & quads

Let me know what you think, maybe the day after, when you discover that you do in fact have glutes – they usually scream at you as you go up/down stairs if you’ve really worked hard!

Dislaimer: I’m not a doctor, fitness expert or your Mum, so make sure you consult someone in the know prior to starting any form of exercise plan to ensure its suitable to your needs and abilities. I modify my own workouts as I need to depending on how my body is responding (if you are in pain, you should stop).


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