this little black duck…

wants to take part in the Colour Run!

I discovered the Colour Run via pinterest some time ago now, and although I’m not allowed to run, this is more of a fun-run & you are allowed to walk… and seriously, just look at the photos, it would be SO much fun! It’s been on the bucket list and I didn’t think I’d get the chance unless I happened to be lucky enough to be overseas when a run was taking place.

But look! It’s come Down Under! Finally!

My home town of Brisbane must be worried about making a mess as they haven’t yet secured a site, but luckily the Gold Coast enjoys all things rainbow & bright and they’ve set a date –

I would also love nothing more than a fabulous photo just like this of Mr Loud and I – how much fun does it look?! Who’s going to sign up?! Have you participated before… fill me in!

Colour Run Happy

End of the race! Source:


Let me know your thoughts

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