just like a cherry ripe, only healthy!

it’s Friday, that means it’s snacky-snack time!

I was flicking through my I Quit Sugar cookbook on the iPad last night because I was craving chocolate, and big gobs of the stuff!

I found Sarah’s reference back to this recipe for Raspberry Ripe and quickly took a mental inventory of my pantry and freezer. Guess what? I had all the required ingredients! Yippee.

Yum is all I’ve got to say! I whipped this together in about 5 minutes, popped it in the fridge to set whilst I made cheesy omelettes for a lazy dinner (it had been one of those days). By the time Mr Loud had done the dishes, the Raspberry Ripe was good to go.

Here’s a photo of the end product, ready to eat. Looks pretty good if I do say so myself!

Raspberry Ripe

Mr Loud and I managed to polish this off all by ourselves, little piggies that we are. BUT it did’t leave me feeling guilty from a chocolate binge, nor did I get any upset tummy feelings afterwards. I think this will definitely go into rotation on the dessert menu here in the land of the Louds.


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