conquering three-thirty-itis

Oh TGIF! It’s been a loooong week. I’m so happy that it’s nearly wine-o’clock! But, before I kick off my shoes and relax into the start of the weekend here’s this weeks’ snacky-snack post.

I was at a bit of a loss this week as to what I wanted for my snacks. For most of the week I’ve been having thin rice cakes with some ABC (Almond, Brazil and Cashew nuts) butter. It’s yummy, it’s quick, it’s healthy and it’s easy – oh and it doesn’t require me to have it refrigerated. I’ve been moving about quite a bit this week so I have not been able to keep food refrigerated as easily as I usually would.

Anyway, I was starting to think about my meal plan for the next fortnight and was going through the I Quit Sugar Cookbook available here again and was mulling over the breakfast ideas when I realized they could be great snacks too.

I’d been looking at the Cashewy Chia Pudding for some time now, but hadn’t made it as I didn’t have cashew milk (nor almond milk – I have made my own and it’s super easy, but as I said, it’s been a long week and I’ve been slack!). Today I decided to just give it a try with soy milk (as I don’t drink regular milk) and see how it went. I didn’t have the vanilla powder to hand so I used pure vanilla extract instead. I also omitted the stevia simply because I’ve run out; plus I’m trying to not add sweeteners until I’ve at least tried it without in the first instance (I didn’t feel like it needed it, but I’m sure it would be yummy with it too).

Chia Pudding

I’ve used frozen raspberries here; they’re only just defrosted so are nice and goopy. They blended really well into the chia mix.

I’ve got to say, for something that I put together this morning in under 5 minutes before heading out the door for work, it was tasty and a great cure for my three-thirty-itis on a Friday afternoon (plus it’d been sitting in the fridge at work soaking up the milk and getting all pudding-y)!

My rating: yum! This will go into the snacks for work rotation that’s for sure. I’m also curious to know what it would be like heated up a little bit (most likely you’d need extra liquid) to make it warm for a nice wintery morning treat.


Let me know your thoughts

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