Oh no, it’s Easter already! I know it’s been coming, I mean, I was at the shops on Boxing Day drooling over the Easter eggs that were already on display, so it’s not a complete surprise, but


The only reason I know it’s only a few sleeps away is that Mr Loud & I had to buy Little Loud her full-of-sugar Easter eggs the weekend just past otherwise she might’ve missed out altogether!

Normally, we buy enough that Little Loud can do her Easter egg hunt, put them all in a bowl for all of us to share; with Mr Loud and I tending to eat the majority of them! This year, I’m trying to refrain. Not only because we want to save some money, but because it’s SUCH an overload for all of us on the sugar. We know we don’t need it, we know we can do without it, so why overindulge? Little Loud tends to bounce off the walls when she has too much and I know I personally feel like I’m experiencing a hangover after I’ve had too much of the stuff. I’m already planning to make the IQS Raspberry Ripe again for some extra sugar free chocolate-y indulgence

Little Loud IS getting chocolate; we aren’t that cruel. I’m also fairly certain that some of that chocolate will be devoured by us grown-ups. But what else? How can we make it fun for her? Last year, we made it a little more magical by leaving bunny prints around the house. She was blown away. Here is a pic of our efforts last year.

Easter Bunny Footprints

I think we’ll do the same again this year as it’s so simple… it’s just flour (or you could use baby powder) then cut out your bunny foot stencil, sift it over the top and you are left with magical Easter bunny footprints. We were a bit tricky and had it look like the bunny had come through the window and hopped over her little table & chairs into her bedroom.

What do you do so the Easter celebration doesn’t become ALL about the number of chocolate eggs you have?


2 thoughts on “hippety-hoppety-hop

  1. I LOVE this idea for the bunny footprints! Our little guy was at his mom’s house this year for Easter, but maybe next year we can do this! Thank you for the fun tip!

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