nutty for apples

Before you start, yes I know it’s not sugar free. BUT, there is no added sugar, and it’s just one small green apple, give a girl a break!

Today’s snacky-snack is a super quick and easy one. I use this one quite regularly when I’m at work because it’s one I’ve just about always got on hand and doesn’t require much in the form of preparation. Oh and I can usually eat the whole thing within five minutes before I’m called into the next 4 hour meeting etc.

It really is super basic, just take an apple – I prefer a small Granny Smith type – and then for ease of eating (i.e. the fastest way to get it down your gob) quarter it and remove the core. Then spread some ABC butter (Almond, Brazil and Cashew nuts) over each quarter and quickly devour. All up, I probably use no more than 1tbsp of ABC butter over the whole apple. I’m not coating each piece of apple in the stuff, just enough to give it that nutty taste.

Apple & Almond Butter

I ate my Apple & ABC butter too quickly before I thought to take a photo, so here’s one I found on the interwebs!,,20306751_15,00.html

I love the Woolworths Macro brand one, but you could also use plain Almond butter, or Peanut butter (Little Loud quite likes it with the Peanut butter, the natural kind of course, just plain ‘ol peanuts and nothing else added) depending on your preference or what you have to hand. It would also be super yummy with a sprinkling of some shredded coconut or some sunflower seeds etc.

It’s yummy, crunchy and is perfect when you would love to go to that little coffee shop down the road for one of their indulgent Texas-sized muffins but you don’t want to give in to your cravings. So in that regard, it’s certainly better than the alternative don’t you think?


Let me know your thoughts

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