life… interrupted

On Friday, I was SO annoyed at myself for not being able to do my Friday Snacky-Snack post, and all because my real job, the one that puts food on the table and keeps clothes on the backs of the Loud family, got in the way.

I have had a big couple of weeks at work, and last Thursday and Friday were two particularly long and full-on days. So even though I was annoyed, I have to remember that I’m lucky to have a pretty great job and one that allows me some flexibility, so yes, occasionally it will get in the way of the things I would rather (or want) to be doing, but that’s just life and I shouldn’t complain (at least, I’ll try to stop!).

That aside, Mr Loud and I were super keen to have The Colour Run (or Color for those in the Northern Hemisphere) to look forward to. We had planned it all week, knowing the race was on Sunday morning, and that we needed to head down to pick up our race packs from the course on Saturday.

Well, Saturday morning came and it was bucketing down! It rained the whole morning and for most of our drive down to the Gold Coast. We got to the course, and found that it was very wet – muddy and just a mess. BUT we were told the race was still going ahead and to get our packs and head home but to keep an eye on social media for any updates.

So, of course, by the time we get back home, the race had been cancelled, or technically, postponed. I was gutted! I was SO looking forward to this race; to get splattered in powdered paint and just have some fun with Mr Loud, especially after the work-week I’d had. But it wasn’t to be. Luckily, it looks like it’s going to be rescheduled to June sometime, which just means it’ll be a chilly run being that it will then be Winter for us. The day wasn’t a complete loss, I still managed to buy myself some of the funky long socks which actually might come in handy for keeping my toes warm for the June race (that’s my excuse anyway and I’m sticking with it!).

Long Socks

My official The Color Run long socks!

So with the race postponed, we found ourselves with a fairly free Sunday. We ended up having a nice lazy day and some movie watching at home. Which is where my delayed Friday Snacky-Snack comes into play – POPCORN!

How easy and simple and yet, we usually tend to go for the microwave bags that are drowned in all the chemical flavourings. I used the popping corn kernels, which are about $1.00 a bag and some coconut oil.

Just 1tbsp of heated coconut oil, pop in one corn kernel, wait for it to start spinning and/or pop, then add in about ½ cup of corn kernels, pop on the lid, and watch them all pop open – easy!

Note: Don’t forget to give your saucepan a few shakes throughout the popping process to make sure they don’t burn. I also like to have the lid off just a little to let the steam escape so that the popcorn doesn’t go soggy.


I used some sea salt on ours, but nothing else. The coconut oil gives it a nice flavor, but you could put on some grated cheese or some herbs/spices etc. depending on your preference. It makes a huge bowl and it’s so yummy and fresh and not at all coated in goodness-knows-what chemicals like the microwave bags I used to buy.

Well here’s to what I hope will be a little less of a hectic work-week!

N x


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