a skinny jeans challenge!

Skinny Jeans

Skinny Jeans – Source: http://www.victoriassecret.com

Well today is Day 1 (for me) in the 14 Days Skinny Jeans Challenge by Woman Incredible, Kat Loterzo. If you haven’t heard of Kat (where have you been?!) you can read all about her here http://www.katloterzo.com/.

It officially started 4 days ago, on Monday, but with work being quite hectic for me, I haven’t been able to sit down and go through each daily challenge until now.

Day 1 is actually fairly easy in that I don’t have to do any workouts (unless I want to; I’ll probably take the fur kids for a nice big walk tonight with Mr Loud in anycase) or worry about my diet. Today is more of a self-reflection on what I want to achieve from the next 14 days and if it’s about fitting into my skinny jeans, then great. But for me, it’s not just that, although if my jeans aren’t quite as snug in two weeks, I’ll be one happy lady!

For me, this challenge is about proving to myself that I can do it, with all the distractions of family, work and life in general. It’s about doing something for ME. This isn’t for anyone else; although if I’m feeling better about myself, the Loud household will no doubt benefit from that too, so that’s got to be a win-win situation right?

So, Kat’s asked me to answer 3 questions of myself for Day 1:

1 – Why do I want to do this?

Answer – I want to rock my skinny jeans. I want to tone up and feel better about my body. I want to feel happier when I look in the mirror. I want to be healthier.

2 – What do I want?

Answer – Similar to above. But I want to start feeling more energized each day (especially as we are coming into the cooler months and that’s when I know I struggle most with motivation). I also want to show Little Loud that it’s important that you always do things that make you feel good, and it’s an added bonus if those things keep you healthy, fit and happy.

3 – Record your ‘now’ photos and stats

Answer – I’ll do this tonight. I’ll take my ‘now’ photos and take my measurements. I’ve done similar challenges in the past, and I know that the figure on the scales is not the best indication of progress. It’s the cm/inches you lose from your body that really show you how you’ve progressed.

I’ll be back with an update on how I go with the next couple of days when I start to look at my nutrition and my workouts. I’ve already read Kat’s emails for the next couple of days and it’s exciting & motivating!

Out Loud Disclaimer: I’ve not been asked to share my thoughts on this challenge by anyone, nor have I been asked to participate. This is all my own doing! It’s simply something I believe in and wish to share with others. This is a FREE service offered by Kat Loterzo, and if you are interested you can sign up for it yourself here.


7 thoughts on “a skinny jeans challenge!

    • Thanks Neets!
      I’ve been following Kat on Facebook for some time now and I just love her style so I’m sure I’ll love this challenge.
      Glad to hear you are feeling great, it’s always good to hear that it’s working for others!
      N x

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