snacky-snack for skinny jeans (Day 2)

it’s Friday already?! When did that happen and where did my week go?! Seriously.

Days of the week might be passing me by, but luckily I was on top of things this morning and had my snacks sorted for the day at work.

My inspiration came from the Skinny Jeans Challenge in that I had to include protein in every meal today (Day 2). So, whilst making myself presentable for work this morning (read: slapping on the makeup to cover the dark circles!) I put on some eggs to hard boil.

They were done before I was ready and they are such an easy and portable (if you keep the shell on until you are ready to eat) snack.

SO Simple - hard boiled egg!

SO Simple – hard boiled egg!

I had mine as my morning tea with a cuppa. I’ve used hard boiled eggs as my work snacks many times before, and they really are super yummy and keep you going until lunch time, plus they are sugar free which is an added bonus! I only had one, with a sprinkle of sea salt and cracked pepper, but that was plenty. I was nice and made an extra one for Mr Loud to have as his snack too (aren’t I lovely?!); I’ve also used them as lunch box snacks for Little Loud (I just make sure hers is already shelled for preschool).

I hope you had a great week, even if it did pass you by in the blink of an eye!


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