days 3-5 of a skinny jeans challenge

Day 3 (Saturday for me)
So I missed doing the first workout from day 2 on Friday for two reasons:

1) I was too lazy to get up early enough before work to do it first thing on Friday morning (getting up early is my BIGGEST problem – I just really struggle with it!)
2) Then it was date night with Mr Loud on Friday afternoon so I didn’t do it then.

That left me with Saturday. After doing the weekend run-about of extra curricular activities for Little Loud and then things like household chores and grocery shopping, it was about 4pm by the time I was able to do the workout.

I did it though! I did it at home, worked up a bit of a sweat, and am even happy to say I knocked out one full set of pushups elevated (toes on the couch) and one set where my knees were elevated (it’s been a few weeks since I did any decent exercise so my body was in shock mode!). I also had to modify the walking lunges to just standing lunges, but I still felt every second of them!

I wasn’t able to do the actual workout set for Day 3 though, as I was trying to do the workouts in the right order. I’ve since come to realize that’s not going to work for me all the time, especially if I can’t get out of bed early enough, so I might have to attempt at combining some of the workouts.

That brings me to Day 4 (Sunday)
This is where Kat tells me I must eat breakfast. Luckily this is something I simply cannot do without. I just don’t function. I get cranky if I don’t eat, so it’s in everyone’s interest that I eat breakfast!

Only problem is including protein. This is something I don’t normally do, especially during the week in the rush to get myself off to work on time. It’s usually just cereal, most often weet-bix, or at the moment, its cornflakes (ones with no added anything – very plain indeed, and super low in sugar – for a cereal!). Being Sunday, I wasn’t rushed or pushed for time so I had some plain full-fat Greek yoghurt and some granola to get the protein in (very much like what I had here). The granola has a bit of sugar in it because of the freeze-dried fruit; and because I’m trying to quit sugar, I struggled with this – which one do I let win out, the protein or the granola? I went with protein this time. I was feeling full for the rest of the morning and had a late lunch; so something worked in my favour there.


I didn’t get to the workout, but I’ll add it to day 5 (today) as it was only 3 exercises and I’ll just have a longer workout which is fine by me.

Day 5 – Today (Monday)
Today Kat is teaching us about eating regularly. This is something I already do. Again, if I don’t, I find myself getting cranky (just ask Mr Loud, he’s been on the receiving end once or twice when I’m hungry and angry!). I tend to eat every three hours as below:

Breakfast at approx. 7am (If I could get out of bed earlier and workout first, this would be earlier too!)

Mid-Morning Snack around 10am (depending on work commitments – I sometimes make do with a cuppa while in meetings and eat when I’m next free)

Lunch around 1pm (again, depending on work commitments)

Afternoon Snack approx. 4pm – sometimes I find myself wanting this closer to 3pm)

Dinner around 6.30pm – 7pm (if it’s a quick to prepare dinner it’s usually earlier)

After Dinner Snack – I’m trying to wean myself off doing this, but am not having much luck. I try to keep it healthy though, and not have it too close to bed time.

Today’s workout hasn’t been done yet, I STILL can’t work out how to get out of bed before work. I hate getting up. Once I’m up I’m fine, but I hate getting out of bed. I can’t stand feeling tired and groggy. I’m sure if I could find a way to get past this, then I’d have no problem getting my booty into shape and rocking my skinny jeans year-round!

If you have a magic trick to make this happen, do let me know! So the rest of today sees me having protein in all my meals, remembering why I’m doing this (for me!) and I’m combining the workouts from today and yesterday for my workout tonight. I’ll have to modify some of the jumps to lower impact versions because of my knees, but I’m confident I’ll still get my sweat on.

Here’s looking forward to day 6!


Let me know your thoughts

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