skinny jeans challenge days 6-9 (+ a snacky-snack!)

Day 6
Today’s challenge from Kat for the Skinny Jeans was to ‘snack smart’. Sounds easy enough right? Just make ‘smart’ choices for your snack. It pretty much is, if you plan in advance. I went with something ridiculously easy and even though it was a bit of a flashback to the diets of the 80’s, it’s super yummy – celery sticks with ABC butter (almond, brazil & cashew nuts).

I know I bang on about ABC butter, but it really is because it’s SO good! Mr Loud devours it on fresh bread whenever he gets the chance, so I was lucky that there was enough left for my celery sticks. Here’s a happy snap of them below; they look a little sad, but you really can’t make celery sticks look ‘pretty’ so you’ll just have to trust me that they were tasty! These are also what my Friday snacky-snack recommendation is – two for one today!

Celery Sticks with ABC Butter

Celery Sticks with ABC Butter

For the exercise, I didn’t do anything. Bad I know. But I had a terribly upset tummy all day. I was not a happy camper by the time I left work, and went straight home instead of going to the gym.

Day 7
Slow. Down. Sorry Kat, but this is hard! The only time I slow down for eating is dinner time. Every other meal is shoved down my gob as quick as I can in order to get on to the next thing I need to do. E.g., get to work on time or get to the next meeting etc. I don’t even leave my desk once I’m at work. Half an hour or an hour lunch break? What’s that? The time it takes me to eat my lunch while still working is what I call a ‘lunch break’. I’ll try to improve on this; maybe I’ll try and start leaving my desk for a quick walk outside.

Actually, today’s exercise was to go for a walk. Mr Loud and I took the fur kids for a nice long walk. We caught up on our days; we enjoyed the fresh air and smelt the Jasmine in the air as the flowers opened for the evening (how romantic!). It really was a nice relaxing walk, but we still managed to get the blood pumping. I even managed to get in some squats, lunges and pushups.

Day 8
Today was ANZAC day here in Australia, which is a national day of remembrance that also means we all get the day off – a public holiday. For those outside of Australia and New Zealand, ANZAC Day is when we honour the members of the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (ANZAC) who fought at Gallipoli during World War I. It’s actually become much more than that now; now we remember the service and sacrifice of all Australian servicemen and women, past and present.

So today the challenge was to cut out sugars and unnecessary carbs. I failed. Sorry Kat. At least I’m being honest right? I made ANZAC cookies. I did a modified version of some from The Healthy Chef, they did have sugar in them, but I tried to reduce it (on reflection, they were super sweet so I think I could’ve reduced it even further!). They also had carbs – oats and flour etc. Really sorry. But it’s tradition. In my defence, I’ve actively been cutting out sugar since earlier this year when I discovered Sarah Wilson & I Quit Sugar, so I’m not doing too badly on that front.

I also didn’t do the exercise as set out today. I did exercise though. I went for a lovely bike ride along the waterfront with Mr Loud. It was a gorgeous day, and we even stopped off at one of the ANZAC memorials along the way.

Lest We Forget - the ANZAC Memorial on our bikeride

Lest We Forget – the ANZAC Memorial on our bikeride

Day 9 – Today, Friday
OK I stuffed up and read the wrong email. Today I’m supposed to be having mainly protein for my meals. I’m going to try and do this tomorrow instead (and I’ll do Day 10’s challenge today), simply because I got my days confused (blonde moment anyone?!).

So that means I’m increasing my water intake. Luckily, I started doing this myself earlier in the week. I have one big glass of water after breakfast, before I leave the house. Then I have a 1.5L bottle of water on my desk at work that I aim to get through at least once during the day (I usually fill it up and get through another 1/3 of it by the afternoon). I then have 2-3 large glasses of water once I’m home from work while cooking dinner, relaxing on the couch. I also drink more when I’m exercising, so I’m easily getting over 2L of water a day, even over 3L when I’m exercising.

The exercise I’ll do as instructed on day 9, I’ll be able to do these at home tonight. I’ll do the day 10 exercise tomorrow morning, as I’m planning on taking my skinny jeans ass to the gym first thing in the morning! Wish me luck!


3 thoughts on “skinny jeans challenge days 6-9 (+ a snacky-snack!)

  1. Interesting challenge. I like the idea of breaking down small goals day to day… And I’m going to look for ABC butter at my local health food store this week. I used to LOVE celery and peanut-butter… And I haven’t had that as a snack in for ever!!!!!!!

    Keep it up 🙂

    • It’s a good one to try! If you cut your celery up when you get it home, then portion it out, you can just add the PB or ABC when you are ready. Even get little containers you can dip the celery into. You can do the same for beans, carrot sticks, cucumber etc. A great way to increase your vegetable intake. I was just reading your last post about snacks, so hopefully this is a new idea for you that you’ll actually enjoy!

      Thanks for stopping by!

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