the home run to skinny jeans (days 10-14)

Day 10
Well Day 10 was increasing the water intake, which I’ve already mentioned I’ve been doing. Kat also suggests having your first glass of water for the day with some fresh lemon juice squeezed in and another glass with 1-2tsps of apple cider vinegar. I gave this a go, wasn’t unpleasant, I didn’t feel any different, and I survived, so I might keep this up, especially if it does as suggested and helps to ‘flush things through’!

Fitness today was fairly non-existent. Weekends tend to be flat out. I WANT to try and get my act together and get myself to the gym first thing but I haven’t got there yet… it’s all to do with motivating myself to get out of bed, and to be honest, I’m not that great at it.

Today I also made a super yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs (made with a splash of soy milk), sautéed baby spinach and haloumi cheese – yum!


Breakfast of champions!

Day 11
Deep Kat, really deep. Today I had to address my issues with emotional & binge eating. I don’t think of myself as a binge eater, but I know I have done so in the past (think a whole bag of Maltesers – the family size – in one sitting, all by myself etc). I haven’t been quite as bad at this, especially since earlier this year when I started to reduce my sugar with the I Quit Sugar program.

Emotional eating though. That I can relate to.

Stressed at work = eating.
Stressed at home = eating.
Bored = eating.

I’ve been trying very hard to stop this. Mainly by trying to substitute the desire to turn to food with something like a glass of water, or distracting myself with something else. At worst, I’m trying to make healthier, cleaner choices if I must stuff something in my gob. It’s hard. It’s certainly not easy. But I can say it does get easier each time.

Exercise today was under the instruction of ‘shock your body’. This I did! I didn’t do it by going to the gym. I did it by deciding to do a major clean at home and clean all my windows, blinds, curtains etc. Now, that might not sound like I did a lot of work, but let me assure you I did! I was squatting, I was lunging, I was reaching, I was lifting, I was sweating; my whole body ached by the end of the day and for the next few days!). I was more than happy to consider that as a full body workout!

Today, I also took my ‘after’ photo for Kat. I had intended to post it to the Woman Incredible Facebook page along with my ‘before’ photo, but I’m not ready to do that, I’m still not where I want to be. You may wonder why I did it today and not on the 14th day? Simply because I have time to do it on the weekend, when during the week I’m flat out getting out the door to work.

On a positive note, I have lost some cm’s, even with not doing all of the workouts like I had hoped. Here’s the details:

Bust 102cm down to 98cm
Tummy 87cm down to 84cm
Bum 102cm down to 100cm

I’m pretty happy with that I must admit!

Day 12
Green smoothie day. I didn’t do this, as again, I was at work when I re-read the email for what I had to do. The closest I got was having my daily dose of Vital Greens mixed in water. I actually don’t mind the taste, it’s kind of sweet. It’s the look of it that turns people off I think. You should hear the questions I get from co-workers when they see me drink the stuff!

Burpees. I can’t do these, not with my knees. But I can do sit ups and I can do squats… it’s just doing them. Today my body was aching so much from the cleaning I did yesterday, I could hardly move. I have to walk up/down stairs regularly at work to get to my boss’ office, and boy did I feel every step today. My knees were screaming today. Almost to the point that I was ready to book in to see my knee surgeon again and ask for new knees!

Day 13
Eat. That’s what the woman said! Luckily, I don’t need to be told twice. Here, Kat is just saying to eat when hungry and don’t deprive yourself. This is something I need no instruction or assistance in doing. It’s more about making sure that what I do choose to eat is healthy and clean and nutritious.

Exercise, my knees were still aching and too sore today from the weekend so I missed out again. This has left me feeling bad about myself a bit. Actually, more disappointed in myself that I can’t find the motivation or the strength to force myself to work out. I KNOW there are things I can be doing that won’t aggravate my knees further, but I chose not to do them. This is where I need help when it comes to exercising… this I can admit.

Day 14 – Last Day!
Today is about remembering what the past 14 days have taught me and moving forward with it. For me, I’m actually considering repeating it, more from the exercise point of view, and continuing on with the new nutrition tips I’ve picked up along the way.

Kat runs an online bootcamp, the Look Great Naked Bootcamp. This is something I hope to be a part of one day soon (when I have the $$ really – not that it’s expensive, far from it, it’s actually extremely well priced compared to others, but for the Loud household, it’s not possible right now). Until then, I’ve sent Kat a little email to say thanks for the free challenge, and I also sent her a copy of my before/after photos just so she could see what a difference a few days made to me.


6 thoughts on “the home run to skinny jeans (days 10-14)

  1. Hi Natalie, well done! Sounds like you had some great results…I also did the challenge & loved it. I got to day ten & had an injury so had to stop. Gosh my story above is similar to yours. Are you Melbournd based? Maybe we could motivate each other. I’ve got 6kgs to lose 🙂

    • Hi Neets
      It’s frustrating isn’t it?! I also wish I could just find a way to motivate myself to simply get out of bed early to get to the gym! I used to do it years ago, but now I can’t find a way to do it. I’m Brisbane based, it would’ve been good to have a training/motivation buddy!! Here’s to hoping we can work our bums off through Winter and slide on into Summer in our best bodies!
      N x

      • We should both set a goal (for me it’s to drop 5 kilos) & report in each week with an update. That way we can both keep on track over Winter. At least you have the luxury of Brisbane winters 🙂 its freezing down here! A x

      • Sounds like a plan! I’m looking at 5kgs too, hard to tell because I try not to look at the number on the scales, but go by how my clothes fit. Really, I’m wanting to tone up, but from past experience, 5kg is about what it would take!

      • Ok so I started today. I’m going to go hard this month. Weighed in & measured myself this morning. We should check in each Monday morning & when we’re not feeling motivated, we can check in with each other to help keep us on track. What do you think?

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