not just for nursing homes!

You could be forgiven for thinking I’d taken up residence in a nursing home with today’s snacky-snack.

PRUNES (or dried plums for those in the Northern Hemisphere)

There, I said it! Most people turn up their nose at prunes; immediately thinking that only old people eat them.


Well I eat them too, and I’m not old! In fact, I love them! I was also pleasantly surprised this week to read that they are a high source of vitamin K which is great for bone health.

They are also high in soluble fibre (slows down glucose absorption) and high in antioxidants (some reports have them higher than blueberries). They also have sorbitol (a natural sugar) that helps the digestive tract, which is why they became popular in nursing homes (keeping you regular!).

Whatever the reason, give them a go. I only have a few at a time when I do have them. Little Loud also likes them in her lunchbox at preschool; we call them ‘special treats’ because they taste sweet (which she loves) but I know they are actually good for her.


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