mixed emotions

Wow, it’s finally arrived, after a few long weeks, Mr Loud is now just about ready to head off to his new job interstate.

I’m having mixed emotions about it. I’m so happy and proud of Mr Loud, this is a wonderful career opportunity with a great company; and it’s something that will benefit our little family immensely. BUT, I’m also a little sad that I won’t get to come home to him each day after work for a hug and a kiss, and that there will sometimes be a wait of a few weeks before we do get to see each other in person.

I know Little Loud and I will be fine, and with Skype and phone calls, we will probably be in touch and actually talk more than what we would do if we were all sitting at home in front of the TV etc. Who knows, we may all learn much more about each other without the other household distractions.

Personally, I’ve decided I’m going to use this as motivation to start hitting the gym again and get back into my fitness regime that I’ve let slide (no one’s fault but my own!). This will keep me busy, away from the fridge/pantry, and also gives me motivation to want to make sure I feel good and look good when I do see Mr Loud.

So for now, I’ll focus on getting back into the routine of regular exercise again, and although I’ll miss the hugs & kisses from Mr Loud, I know it’s all worth it in the long run.



6 thoughts on “mixed emotions

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    • Thanks for the vote of confidence Sarah! We are just playing it be ear at this point in time. Making sure Mr Loud gets settled into his job etc before we make any decisions. Luckily, it’s only a 2.5hr flight between the states, so it’s not too far; just wish the flights were cheaper!

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