a few of my favourite snacks

What a week! My first week with Mr Loud living interstate; my first week being a ‘single-stepmum’ to Little Loud; my first head cold for the Winter season.

You’ll have to forgive me for not whipping up a snack for you today from a recipe. I simply feel exhausted and while sitting on the couch last night thinking about it, honestly, it was just all too hard! This morning I even did the below – luckily I caught it just in time before I made a huge mess!


So instead, here’s a few of my favourite snacks. In my defence I do have/make these regularly, and I’ll do some photos of them soon but they are so simple, it’s almost not worthy of photos!

1 – Cottage Cheese + Green Apple (diced or grated – diced is quicker if you are in a hurry) + Cinnamon (add stevia if you want it sweeter)
2 – Lady finger banana + green tea
3 – Rice cake (I prefer the thin ones) + ABC Butter + sliced banana

These aren’t much when you look at them, but they are simple, easy to put together snacks that I personally find are great at satisfying a sweet tooth craving, and a quite tasty!

I hope you find a little inspiration in these, even if it’s to know that you can make some simply tasty snacks out of items that you generally have on hand.

Next week I hope to be back on track. I’m looking forward to being more settled in my new routine with Little Loud, and I hope to be feeling well enough to finally get back into my gym program (and stay on track with my clean eating habits).

Here’s to a relaxing weekend!

N x


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