i raced the rainbow!

I had the MOST fun I’ve had in a long time on Sunday. The Swisse Colour Run on the Gold Coast finally took place! You’ll remember I was upset that it was cancelled a few months back due to the weather, but luckily the weather held off for Sunday and we got to ‘race the rainbow’.


Mr Loud and I got up at 5am in order to make the trek down the highway to the Gold Coast, picking up my Mum along the way. Honestly, when that alarm went off, and it was still pitch black and cold, I considered for half a second not getting out of bed. But then I knew I would regret it if I did so I made myself get up.

We arrived, grabbed a coffee and settled in to wait for the race to begin. This was fun too, watching all the people arrive, the outfits, the smiles. It was the place to be on Sunday morning, not one sad or unhappy face to be found amongst the thousands of participants!

This is a shot of our ‘clean’ shoes prior to the race & a shot of the coloured shoes after. I wore my old ones because we still had had some rain and the course was likely to be muddy (and it was!).



This really was SO much fun. It was something I’d wanted to do ever since I first heard of the Colour (or Color) Run, and I’m so glad I did it. My cheeks were hurting from the perpetual smile I had on my face all morning! If the run comes to your town, do yourself a favour and sign up. You don’t have to be fit to do it, you can walk it, dance it, skip it or hop it. You can take the kiddies, there were kids in prams, kids wearing swimming goggles and ski masks (not that it matters, the paint is not toxic and washes out very easily). The course is supposed to be 5km but due to rainy weather a few days prior, the Gold Coast course was shortened to allow the race to go ahead (and not be postponed yet again) but it didn’t matter, we still got through all the colour check points, and enjoyed the colour party at the finish.

Here’s my hair (usually blonde!) after the colour party, which honestly, is where you get the most colour on you!


The reason you get more colour on you is because each participant is handed a colour pack on completion and then everyone tears open their pack and throws it around at the same time and you get showered in the colours!


So my verdict – DO IT! I would love to do this again, and in fact, there is one already scheduled for later this year at the Sunshine Coast… Mr Loud and I just might do it again, and take along Little Loud this time. The only reason we didn’t take her was because we weren’t sure she would be up to walking 5km, and she’s too big for a pram or to be carried. We might have to do some ‘training’ if we take her so we know that she can handle it, but I’m sure she would be having so much fun that she wouldn’t even notice how long the walk was!


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