against the wall-nut

Some days I feel like I’m banging my head against a brick wall. Do you ever feel like that? I’m sure I’m not alone.

This week I’ve ridden a rollercoaster of emotions. I’ve gone from feeling strangely motivated & positive about getting back into my fitness routine (seriously, where did that come from?!), then I’ve gone to anger and now I’m sort of feeling content I guess.

I’m still feeling motivated, in fact I went to the gym again last night and I plan on going at least two more times this weekend.

You see, I can actually go this weekend because Little Loud is spending some time with her mother rather than with me. That’s why I was feeling anger this week. I take Little Loud to a sporting class every Saturday morning. It’s kind of ‘our thing’. It’s something I wanted to do with her that would just be for us (and Mr Loud when he chose to come along to keep me company – if he was in town). But you see, Little Loud’s mother decided she wanted to spend time with Little Loud, which is absolutely completely fine, but it means I miss out on the last class of term where I get to go INTO the class to watch. I’m quite disappointed, but I’ll get over it and I’ve no doubt there will be plenty of future opportunities that I can participate in with her.

That brings me to today. I’m feeling rather content today. It’s a rainy, gloomy Winter’s day here today, and I’d love to be curled up in bed with a good book, but that’s not to be as I have to work at my day job, but still I feel content and happy!

Anyway, enough of my ramble. Here is my snack for today. It’s SO easy anyone can do it…


Yup, that’s it. A handful of walnuts for a snack. This is the jar I have on my desk at work. I often have a few with a cup of tea either for my morning or afternoon snack. If I don’t have time to bring something a little more complex to work, this jar is my back-up plan.

Walnut Jar

So why should you eat them? Well apart from being tasty, they are a fantastic source of omega 3 EFA’s (essential fatty acids). These are the ones that help lower cholesterol, reduce high blood pressure and improve symptoms of arthritis. They are also high in an amino acid called tryptophan, this helps make serotonin, you know, that hormone that makes you feel good (amongst other things).

I’m sure it’s my jar of Walnuts helping me to feel happy & content today. I hope the weekend ahead finds you feeling happy & content too… if not, try a handful of Walnuts!

N x


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