my pantry is a mess

My apologies for not posting this on Friday, I had planned to post but had computer troubles (first world problems right!?).

So this snacky-snack came about after rummaging through my pantry to see what I had on hand this week. I came across a packet of dates. I had originally purchased these in order to make a date and bran loaf (which I’ll make soon, and post the recipe I promise); but as I’ve not had time this hasn’t happened.

Moreover, I’ve realised my pantry is in desperate need of a thorough clean out again, it’s quite simply, a mess! I do this about twice a year, but I’m well overdue. It’s when I do this that I find multiple packets/cans/containers of food that I thought I needed and in fact didn’t. It also sees me save a huge amount of money for the next few grocery shops as I stop buying what I think I need as I realise I have enough of everything to feed a small army!

Anyway, I came across this recipe here for Stuffed Dates.

These are so simple and you can easily make them in advance and keep them on hand ready for car trips, outings or even a snack at work. Plus the added benefit of being sweet, the Little Loud’s in your life will love them too. It’s almost like eating a decadent truffle of sorts, with a nutty filling.

I love that these are ‘clean eating’ and ‘sugar free’. They have no added sugar in the form of honey or stevia etc. The sweetness is all coming from the date and the juice.


N x


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