wise words

It still amazes me how fast time seems to fly by, I mean a friend of mine just yesterday posted on Facebook that there is only 161 days until Christmas (that’s only 23 weeks!). Sorry, it’s not something I needed to know either. I’m still finding bits of tinsel under the couch from last Christmas!

So it was nice to receive a lovely phone call from a dear friend this morning. It’s been a number of weeks since we last spoke, but as with many of my close friends, it’s always as though we just spoke yesterday. It was a brief call, as I was at work and she had her lovely babies to look after, but it meant so much to know that she was thinking of me and took a few minutes out of her busy day to say ‘hi’.

She must’ve known I needed to hear some wise words, as she reminded me to just ‘live in the moment’. You know, just as kids do. As adults we tend to dwell on things and hold grudges. We blow things out of proportion and hold on to it; often letting it fester away until it makes us sick (be it emotionally or at times, physically). But kids, they react in the ‘here and now’ and then move on. They might say or do something now, and not even half an hour later, they don’t mean it or have forgotten about it, oftentimes, they don’t even understand what they’ve said or done and why it might’ve upset us (especially the little kiddies). Where as we adults, and particularly those of us of the female species, we pick it to pieces, turn it over, unravel it and think about what it means so much more than we should.

So from today, I’m going to try and remember to just ‘live in the moment’. I already try to live by the motto, ‘take each day as it comes’, but this is bringing it back to the next level, and, I hope, will help me to feel more relaxed and at ease with whatever life throws at me. What about you, do you have any wise words to live by?

A rose from my garden

Stopping to smell the roses in my garden


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