cookie monster

I have to restrain myself from baking too often otherwise I turn into the cookie monster and eat everything in sight!

With Mr Loud working interstate, anything I cook I end up eating myself so things like cakes and biscuits have been in the no-go zone for me lately.

I’m actually off to visit Mr Loud this weekend (yay for me!), so I haven’t been too good with my snacky-snack today as I was busy packing last night. Instead, I’m cheating and using one I prepared earlier, I’m sure you’ll forgive me?

What do you think of these?

ANZAC Cookie

They’re ANZAC cookies. I mentioned them a couple of months ago here. They are a modified version from The Healthy Chef recipe.

I used Version 3 and modified it by reducing the sugar to a little over 1/2 a cup. I also didn’t have spelt flour to hand when I made these, so I used some gluten free flour.

I like them because they use oats, and I find when I eat oats I feel fuller for longer. Only problem with these is, they taste so good; even though I’m full I tend to keep going back for seconds, thirds and so on.

Bake at your own risk. But really, when you compare these to any other regular cookie, I think these are pretty good at falling into that ‘health-ier’ cookie area – least you know what’s in them unlike packaged cookies.



Let me know your thoughts

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