something for the ‘bonus’ parents

I stumbled across this post via facebook on the weekend, it’s funny how you notice things just at the right time don’t you think?

It came as a timely read for me, so I thought it only fair to share with other ‘bonus’ parents / stepparents / blended families out there – click here to read

I’m lucky enough to not be depressed, but I can easily see how others could be, or, how if I didn’t have the support and tools to help me in my role as a stepmother, that I could easily follow others down this path. Luckily, I do have a wonderful support unit behind me with Mr Loud and my family (in particular my own wonderful mother) and close friends.

Relationships aren’t always easy at the best of times, being part of a blended family is an added stress to that… knowing that you aren’t alone in the way you feel (and that’s it’s not wrong to feel those feelings) makes it all that little easier to deal with.

N xo


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