green egg frittata

ok so this is more than a snack, at least it is for me. This is more of a lunch or light dinner. It’s my green egg frittata.

This is one of those meals I throw together with whatever I have on hand. Today it was as follows

2 eggs (I would use 3 for Mr Loud, sometimes 4, and 1 for Little Loud)
1 cup spinach, chopped
1/2 cup button mushrooms, sliced
Cheese of your choice
Cracked black pepper
Splash of milk or cream if desired


Lightly whisk your eggs and cracked pepper.

Put a frypan on to heat with a knob of butter and let it melt.

Slice your mushrooms and spinach, or whatever you are going to add.


In the past I’ve used frozen spinach that I’ve defrosted and drained, some ham or bacon, grated zucchini, broccoli anything that I want to use up out of the fridge.

Pour the eggs into the heated pan. Place your mushrooms and spinach on top. I lightly press or mix the topping into the egg mixture before it cooks.


Sprinkle on your cheese, I’ve used under 1/4 cup here.


Now, here you could fold it in half and treat it as an omelette if that’s what you want. I prefer to pop it under the grill to brown the cheese on top, and this is where it becomes more like a frittata.

Depending on how hungry patient you are, you can leave it in just till the egg is cooked or you could do as I do and let it go golden brown and hope for some crispy bits!


I like to drizzle over some flaxseed oil once it’s cooled a little. For those that don’t like the taste of flax, this is a good way to try it. The cheese is usually strong enough to mask the flavour.


We have these for dinner sometimes here in the Loud house, simply because its yummy, healthy and easy to whip a few up after a long day at the office.


N x

PS excuse any errors in this post, I’m trying out posting with the app on my iPad for the first time! Also excuse the photo quality, I took them at night while I was cooking this for my dinner!

20130809-200214.jpghappy eggs!


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