friday fail snacky-snack

what’s the saying? fail to plan and you plan to fail?

That’s exactly what happened to me today. I failed to organise my Friday Snacky-Snack, so was left without one at work. Sure, I had my trusty jar of Walnuts on my desk, and I did manage to remember to bring a protein power ball with me, but I had nothing for the afternoon.

So it left me staring at these two little squares of chocolate. Two tiny, insignificant squares. Well, almost insignificant, they were about 35g each, but who’s counting?

Ghirardelli Squares

Oh. So. Yummy!

They were taunting me you see. Saying ‘eat me’… all day. These were given to me from someone who knows how much I love Ghirardelli Chocolate, alllllllllll the way direct from San Francisco – that’s a LONG way from here people! As in, oceans away! I mean, how could I not?! Well, easily, but not only did I leave my snack behind today, I left my willpower there too!

Oh well, I ate these two little squares, and do you know what? I enjoyed them.


And now, I’m content. Happy and content that I ate them. I won’t beat myself up over it, I’ll just move on from this slight indiscretion and make sure I’m eating clean and back on the ‘I Quit Sugar’ wagon at my next meal (until then, it’s a bit of an I Quit Sugar fail moment).

So please, accept my apologies for failing to bring you a clean eating healthy snack today… I’ll try harder next week!

N x


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