a healthier Ginger Snap!

Sorry for being a little quiet on the blog front lately. Life has gotten a little busy (as it does)! Things are starting to settle down again so I’ll be back into it soon enough.

This snack isn’t one I’ve tried yet, but I plan on digging the food processor out this weekend to give them a whirl (I’ve just moved house so I need to find where it’s hiding).

I love Ginger and when it comes to cookies, I love the good ‘ol Arnott’s style Ginger Snap. But, they aren’t exactly clean eating or all that healthy for me (not when you want to devour the whole packet in one sitting anyway!). So when I stumbled across this recipe I was pleasantly surprised and thought that they would be worth a shot – plus with only 3 ingredients, they are going to be super quick & easy!

Now, you’ll recall that I mentioned previously that you can grab the little snack packs of Medjool dates from Aldi (for those of you in Australia), but most grocery stores sell them loose in the fresh produce area.

I also don’t have macadamias on hand, and in an effort to use up what I already have in the pantry, I’m going to try this recipe with almonds (and whatever other nuts I find – some chia seed might find its way in too!). I love macadamia nuts though, so once I’ve worked my way through the almonds I’m sure I’ll try them as per the original recipe.

I’ll post a photo of my efforts once I’ve made up a batch, I just hope they look (and taste!) as good as these ones from Wholefood Simply do!

Enjoy the weekend!

N x


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