a healthy muffin?

Healthy + muffin. Those two words don’t really go together do they? We like to think they do, buying the ones from the bakery or cake shops that are ‘99% fat free’ and whatnot, but generally they are loaded with sugars and other nasties. This is why I much prefer to bake my own so I know exactly what I’m eating – good & bad!

Today’s snack is another from one of my favourite websites, The Healthy Chef – Chocolate Raspberry Muffins.

Shock of shocks, for once I didn’t really alter the recipe. I even went and purchased the coconut flour to make these. Now, I know coconut flour is expensive, very expensive actually when compared to other ‘flour’, but this recipe only calls for ½ cup, so it wasn’t too bad. If you are lucky enough to own a Thermomix (oh, how I envy you!) then you could make your own coconut flour using shredded coconut (or you could go so far as to dehydrate your own fresh coconut flesh and then mill it in the Thermomix if you felt so inclined!).

Anyway this is how mine turned out. This shot is of the eggs, honey and vanilla bean paste all ready for beating in my lovely Kitchenaid mixer. If you don’t have a stand mixer of sorts, hand beaters will work, but you really must beat for 10 minutes as per the recipe.

eggs in mixer

You want the eggs all light and creamy so don’t take shortcuts here people – this is mine almost towards the end of the 10 minutes, all lovely and light!

whipped egg mix

I also made shards of the dark chocolate, just using a knife. I find that if you put the block of chocolate in the fridge, it hardens enough to create little shards/slivers when you cut it with a knife. If you like, you could make the chunks bigger; I just wanted to get more chocolate flavour in each bite!

dark chocolate shards

chocolate + egg mix

Here’s once all the ingredients are mixed in, looks sooo good don’t you think?

all ingredients mixed

Now, a word to the wise, LINE YOUR MUFFIN TRAYS. I didn’t with the first batch. The first batch I just sprayed with olive oil as you can see here.

unlined muffin tray

They stuck. I’m also inclined to think they would stick to paper muffin liners. I managed to get it all out, but they looked quite sad by the end of it. Don’t worry, we still ate them of course!

The last batch I baked, I cut up pieces of baking paper and used that for liners (you can buy pre-cut baking paper for this purpose but save yourself a few dollars and cut your own from the roll). They turned out perfect. The paper just came away from the muffin and left you with a beautiful looking muffin just ready for eating. I certainly didn’t wait the whole 30 minutes to cool before eating but warm or cool, they are yum!

I’m actually thinking of adding some cacao powder the next time I make these (because there WILL be a next time) to make them a double chocolate muffin. You could also substitute with any other berries of your choice, blueberries would work a treat I’m sure! Let me know if you try them and if you make any alterations.

cooked muffin


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