’tis the Season…

First of all, apologies for my absence on here of late. It’s not for a lack of trying let me tell you!

You see, life got a little, well, hectic to say the least. But then, when is it not?

You’ll recall that Mr Loud relocated interstate for a job in the middle of the year. Well since then it feels as though the rest of the year has just flown by.

Long story short, we decided to rent our house out, and I moved back in with my wonderful parents in an effort to save some money. Mr Loud visits regularly and I visit him regularly. It was working OK, we have been managing. Then Mr Loud went and popped the question on my birthday in November. Yes! I’m engaged! I’m going to be MRS Loud! So of course, we now, more than ever, want to be together, so I’m on the move interstate too.

I’m still trying to sort things out with my day job, hoping I might be able to try a ‘flexible’ working arrangement. The idea is to at least try it out and see how it works. Stay tuned on that front.

Anyway, that’s my last 6 months in a nutshell.

More recently I’ve been getting my Christmas on though. It’s one of my favourite times of year. I just love it. This year I participated in a Secret Santa Gift Exchange run by Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim (check her out if you haven’t already, you can thank me later) and I must say, I’ve loved it. There were over 300 participants from all around the world, quite amazing really!

The way it works is you agree to participate, you then ‘stalk’ your giftee on places like Instagram, Pinterest and by asking questions anonymously (names are randomly selected via Elfster) and then you choose a gift/s for your giftee of at least $30 and post them off and hope they like what you’ve sent! Oh the nerves!

I was lucky enough to receive some wonderful gifts all the way from the USA. My Santa made it so much fun, constantly checking in and giving me secret little updates. When my package finally arrived I was beyond excited! It was a truly thoughtful and beautiful gift.

photo (5)

The gifts I received, about 2 seconds before I ripped them open, so excuse the lack of styling for this photo!.

I of course had to buy for someone too. I did the same thing, ‘stalking’ them on Instagram and asking questions to get a feel for their interests and likes etc. I’m told she loved it so that was a relief!
I hope to stay in touch with these new-found friends of mine, because funnily enough, we seem to have a fair bit in common.

Christmas Gifts Wrapped

The gifts I sent out, all wrapped ready to go.

Anyway, I hope to be back here much more regularly once I’m settled interstate with Mr Loud early in the new year. I’ve been coming up with some new ideas on directions to take this little blog of mine. If there is anything you want to see/hear more of, drop me a line and let me know.

Wishing you a magical Christmas

N x

photo (6)


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