talkin’ bout a resolution

Yeah yeah, I know that’s not the words to the song… but we’re 10 days into 2014 if you hadn’t realised and I’m wondering how everyone else is going with their resolutions?

Did you make any, have you broken them already or are you holding strong?

I for one didn’t make any per se. I did however promise myself (it’s pretty much the same thing right?) that I would get back into the healthy eating and exercising caper this year after falling off the wagon (and rolling down the hill covering myself in Swiss Meringue Buttercream & Sprinkles) quite spectacularly last year.

This year though, I’ve got motivation. Motivation in the form of a {not so big or fat or Greek – even though he is of Greek decent} wedding to Mr Loud. No, we haven’t set a date so don’t even get me started on that (that’s another post for another day). All’s we know is we both agree it should be small & intimate and hopefully in the first half of this year.

But I digress; this health and fitness thing. I’m thinking of trying out one of the free online programs, something that I can do from the privacy of home, similar to the free skinny jeans challenge I did last year.

I cancelled my nightclub gym (seriously, it felt like a nightclub what with the live DJ and disco balls etc) membership last year when I decided I’d be relocating to be with Mr Loud. So now I have to find something to do until I’ve actually moved. If I can do it from home, even better. That and some back-to-basics healthy eating should do the trick. Except I want to get back into it so it becomes part of my everyday life again, not something I do for a few weeks and then revert back to eating cupcakes my old bad habits.

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Cupcake

less of this…

Cottage Cheese, Cinnamon + Apple

& more of this!

I’ll try my best to blog about it and let you know how I go (being accountable might help me)! My first step is my meal planning this weekend. Wish me luck!

N x


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