a little disclaimer

The views, opinions, thoughts, raves & rants (especially any rants!) on this blog are entirely my own. If you don’t like them, kindly move on, you chose to read them, so you can choose to move on if you don’t approve.

Any reviews are 100% my honest opinion – If I love something and think you should know about it, I’ll say so. If I don’t like something, and think you should know about it, I’ll say so (and why). If I don’t think it matters, I probably won’t write about it.

I will always disclose if a post is sponsored, or if someone/ company/ organisation has/ have supplied something to me to review (how lucky would I be if my blog generates that sort of interest?!) In the same vein, I will also disclose if I purchased something and I will try and let you know where I purchased it (especially if it was on sale – share the savings right?)

The images used on this blog will be referenced where applicable. If it’s not referenced, it’s from a free stock site and I’m most likely one of thousands who have used it too.

Photographs will also be referenced, unless I’ve been a little snap-happy and it’s my own work taken on my iPhone 4 or my Canon SLR. I’m in no way a professional photographer, so please don’t complain about the quality of my images. If you happen to like my photographs & wish to use them, please pay me the courtesy of referencing back to them.

I will try to respond to all comments where I can, but if it’s spam, it will be deleted, and if it’s inappropriate/ derogatory or someone is simply being downright nasty (to me or others) it will be removed.

Other than that, let’s just play nice!


Let me know your thoughts

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